About the Founder

Professor Mark R. DiNino founded American Kempo Karate Academy in 1995 and is currently a 8th Degree Black Belt in American Kempo Karate.  He has been constantly and relentlessly involved in the Martial Arts since 1984 and has had the opportunity to train with many world class martial arts instructors.  This experience has provided him with a diverse and well rounded skill set that can be used for practical self defense purposes which are passed on to the students at AKKA.

Mr. DiNino is a pioneer certified instructor of the ACMA- American Council of Martial Arts. A continuing education program for professional martial arts instructors. This training provides the high level instructor skills to properly teach students of all ages and abilities. Mr. DiNino’s focus has always been about developing the student’s potential.

He has trained many members of prestigious law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, Homeland Security,  Massachusetts State Police, and numerous local police departments in hand to hand self defense.  He has also trained members of the armed forces including the US Army, US Marines, US Navy,  National Guard, and the Coast Guard. (Visit our Youtube Channel for samples of the some of the training seminars provided to members of these organizations.)

Mr. DiNino has donated his personal time to work with many local school systems on Anti Child Abduction and Anti Bullying programs.  He also supports many local charity and non profit organizations. He is a well known and respected Martial Arts Professional.

He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell with a bachelors degree in business management.  He continuously attends business and leadership seminars given by top level business professionals & entrepreneurs.  This training allows him to effectively  develop AKKA’s business systems that are designed to better serve AKKA clients.

Mr. DiNino is a life long resident of the South Shore of Boston, MA and is a father of four children, three who are of age train at AKKA which also makes him an AKKA parent/client.