Adult Self Defense

Are YOU Looking for a Great Way to
Lower YOUR Stress, Improve YOUR Physical Conditioning,
and Learn Self Defense?

Some of the Training Benefits

  • Major Stress Release
  • Superior Form of Exercise
  • Effective Self Defense
  • Make New Friends
  • Improve Physical and Mental Health

Dear Mr. DiNino, I wanted to thank you and your staff for your persistence and hard work over the past eight years. Your training techniques and more importantly your dedication to the martial arts have made me a more productive person physically and mentally. Next February my son will turn four. He will be enrolled in your program the following day. AKKA is an important part of my life and will be an important part of my son’s life going forward.

Thanks again for teaching me to be more a confident and efficient person and student of martial arts. I look forward to watching my son experience the same process and will continue to recommend your program highly.

David McDonough Financial Planner Flagship Wealth Management

To Anyone Interested in Our Adult Training Program, I’ve heard it said that the reasons people continue with martial arts training are often quite different from the reasons that first prompted them to begin, and based on my own experiences I would wholeheartedly agree.

I initially came to AKKA just under three years ago for what you might call “typical” health reasons — I was looking for a workout program that would both improve my core conditioning and help me manage stress.

And while AKKA did and certainly still does provide that for me (I feel I’m in the best shape of my life), what I found and what motivates me the most now is the sense of confidence that training generates for me.

Confidence both from pushing and expanding my physical limits in very measurable ways as well as the confidence that one naturally gets from martial arts training itself.

It also provides a mix of group and individual training dynamics that you don’t readily find in a gym or team sports. My progress relies solely upon my own personal effort, but at the same time there is a definite bond and sense of team spirit within the group that I’m fortunate enough to train with.

I would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in martial arts training or fitness kick-boxing that they look into the programs at AKKA. The range of benefits is truly unique.

Michael Zeoli Adult Student and Parent

To Whom It May Concern:

I started training in Hanover with Scott Weron and Mike Sweeney over three years ago at the age of 40. For me it has been and still is a lot of fun working with the both of them and the great group of people I have met. I have found that I push myself both physically and mentally each week I train. I have learned a lot about myself and how important it is to take time for myself.

I can honestly say some days are a little harder than others to get to class (there are many excuses) but I always remind myself of how great I feel when I leave. Most weeks I train 4 times a week. The Kickboxing class is a fabulous way to relieve stress. I have never been bored. The Self Defense class is really something I would someday like to see more women get involved in.

My entire family has benefited from this. My husband and son now train with me and our teenage daughter has taken the kickboxing class with me. Both of our kids self esteem has increased in all areas.

The Martial Arts is a great way to keep your family together doing something positive and fun at the same time.

Pam Toland Adult Student & Parent

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