The following testimonials are from REAL clients.

 The following testimonials are by kids who grew up with American Kempo Karate Academy.  Some of them have been with AKKA for 10 years or more!  They are living proof that we teach “Skills For Life”!

I enrolled my energenic, hyperactive almost five year old at AKKA in East Weymouth a year and a half ago. Little did I know how much AKKA would help myself and my now 6 year old son. AKKA has taught him respect, how to protect himself, and so much more. He is also significantly physically fit. AKKA’s team is a great one. In my eyes it is the answer for childhood obesity, and keeping kids away from the couch and video games. It teaches them to respect themselves and others. Thanks for a job well done AKKA!!

Julie Gonzalez

Learning and training Kempo at AKKA in Hanson has been the best decision that I have made in many years for my mental and physical health. All the work that I do to keep myself in shape has a purpose now. Sensei Pete and Sensei Donna challenge me physically and mentally every time that I walk through the door and I feel good about that. AKKA in Hanson has a very engaging atmosphere as well, overflowing with encouragement, expert instruction and challenging drills. Each student is pressed to work hard to achieve his or her upper limit but is never expected to exceed their capabilities at that point in their training. The instructors know where each student is, so within the class there is a wide range of skill levels being dealt with on an individual basis.

The degree of separation between AKKA and other schools that that I looked at didn’t seem so apparent on the surface. But when I began to train at AKKA it became very clear right away that I had made the right choice. Any doubts about my ability to reach higher levels faded quickly. I feel that I am part of a team in spite of the fact that I am much older than nearly all the other students. I see kids of all ages and adults coming here and exploding with self confidence in just a few weeks. My self confidence, health and mindset have all been enhanced by the training that I get at American Kempo Karate Academy. I feel confident that AKKA in Hanson is the best school around.

Bruce Metcalf

Pete is a fantastic instructor! My son is really loving the skills training but also is benefiting from the life lessons of patience, tenacity (word of the week–I love that!), focus, and respect. I see him changing and maturing in wonderful ways.  I wish I had started him here years ago.

Emma Williams

I thought you should know how proud I am to know your staff at E.Weymouth. Tim,Dave,Mike,Kim,Kelly,Tommy and Zac are all top-notch!!!! Sal and Charlie love class, The way all your instructors treat everyone like family is so very impressive!! The personal interest that Kim and Tim take in the kids makes you really feel like a person and not a number. Dave and Mike really care about the kids personal growth and Tommy and Zac make for fun classes. Know one over shadows anyone and they bring such a great comradery to your school that when you walk in it feels like family….I thought you should know how incredibly happy my children are and the difference we see in them, thank you for putting together such a classy studio.

Joe Tarara

Dear Mr. DiNino, I wanted to thank you and your staff for your persistence and hard work over the past eight years. Your training techniques and more importantly your dedication to the martial arts have made me a more productive person physically and mentally. Next February my son will turn four. He will be enrolled in your program the following day. AKKA is an important part of my life and will be an important part of my son’s life going forward.

Thanks again for teaching me to be more a confident and efficient person and student of martial arts. I look forward to watching my son experience the same process and will continue to recommend your program highly.

Sincerely, David McDonough Financial Planner Flagship Wealth Management

To Anyone Interested in Our Adult Training Program, I’ve heard it said that the reasons people continue with martial arts training are often quite different from the reasons that first prompted them to begin, and based on my own experiences I would wholeheartedly agree.

I initially came to AKKA just under three years ago for what you might call “typical” health reasons — I was looking for a workout program that would both improve my core conditioning and help me manage stress.

And while AKKA did and certainly still does provide that for me (I feel I’m in the best shape of my life), what I found and what motivates me the most now is the sense of confidence that training generates for me.

Confidence both from pushing and expanding my physical limits in very measurable ways as well as the confidence that one naturally gets from martial arts training itself.

It also provides a mix of group and individual training dynamics that you don’t readily find in a gym or team sports. My progress relies solely upon my own personal effort, but at the same time there is a definite bond and sense of team spirit within the group that I’m fortunate enough to train with.

I would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in martial arts training or fitness kick-boxing that they look into the programs at AKKA. The range of benefits is truly unique.

Michael Zeoli Adult Student and Parent

To Whom It May Concern:

I started training in Hanover with Scott Weron and Mike Sweeney over three years ago at the age of 40. For me it has been and still is a lot of fun working with the both of them and the great group of people I have met. I have found that I push myself both physically and mentally each week I train. I have learned a lot about myself and how important it is to take time for myself.

I can honestly say some days are a little harder than others to get to class (there are many excuses) but I always remind myself of how great I feel when I leave. Most weeks I train 4 times a week. The Kickboxing class is a fabulous way to relieve stress. I have never been bored. The Self Defense class is really something I would someday like to see more women get involved in.

My entire family has benefited from this. My husband and son now train with me and our teenage daughter has taken the kickboxing class with me. Both of our kids self esteem has increased in all areas.

The Martial Arts is a great way to keep your family together doing something positive and fun at the same time.

Pam Toland Adult Student & Parent

Dear Parents, My son Justin has been with AKKA for a little over 5 years now. We enrolled Justin for two primary reasons – one being physical fitness and the second for the focus and discipline training offered in your program. Health and physical fitness are very important for obvious reasons. The other is more challenging. Justin is a very intelligent child, who has had difficulty socializing with his peers. Because of this, self control was a problem. AKKA has well trained, professional staff that trains their students to understand and practice the traits needed in everyday life – respect, focus, discipline etc. Justin has most definitely benefited from this. He is relaxed, focused and disciplined, now has many friends, and has blended in with his peers nicely. When having a stressful day, he goes to Karate, releases the stress, has fun, and is set to move through the rest of the day. I cannot thank AKKA enough for putting so much time and energy into your program. It shows.

Susan Crisafulli Director of Secondary Fibre Sourcing International Forest Products Corp.

Here is what some of our kids have to say…….

Dear Moms and Dads, My name is Sean Stone and I am 8 years old. I take American Kempo Karate in Hanson. I am learning how to defend myself. I am also learning how to respect others. I’ve made a lot of new friends. I think karate is a fun way to exercise. I would say to anyone wanting to do karate, they should go to AKKA and give it a try.  I LOVE IT!

Dear Parents, I started karate over two years ago. I was 8 years old. There are some new kids there. I want to be an instructor when I grow up. I want to be a leader when I grow up and teach others karate.; People can run on the bags. Some people need help. My instructors can do it and some kids can do it. On the masters team we can spar and we have instructors training. The first day I was there I was very scared and nervous. I was wondering how many people were there at first. I was excited and very scared at first. I did not know any people there when I was at the karate studio. It was very big then when I got inside but today it seems very small. I look forward to going to karate every day. I am really proud that I do karate and happy to do it. I feel very confident now and no longer shy, I am no longer afraid to be there alone with out my Grandma and Papa, I feel safe there and have met a lot of nice kids and made many new friends and learned a lot from my instructors. My favorite is to go to the tournaments. I get better every day but still have a lot to learn. Kids get so scared when its their first time at karate. You can go to other karate studio’s. Different AKKA karate studios you can do so many different things with another instructor. Doing karate is excellent to do because you can get fit and have and excellent time and earn your colored stripes if you pass the test and new belts after you collected three colored stripes. You don’t always pass the test each month, one time I did not pass so I had to try harder next month, I was happy when I passed the test. Karate is the best thing I have done! Anthony Steinemer AKKA Student

Here is what some of our parents have to say….

Dear Parents, I would like to compliment the AKKA staff on a job well done. The instructors are very patient with the children which makes for a great learning environment. Everyone has been very supportive and a pleasure to deal with. My son, Matt, is seven years old and has enjoyed his training from day one. He has grown mentally and physically since starting at AKKA.

Michael McQuade Parent

Dear Parents, My children and I signed up for AKKA martial arts training about 4 years ago. My children were younger and I was feeling pretty old. I was looking for an activity for my son but my two daughters also wanted to give it a try. Not wanting to be left out, and because of the family program offered, I also signed myself up for the training. As a result of the training, my children seem to have a big advantage with their fitness over other kids in their class. They run faster, are stronger, and have more endurance than other kids. They also know what to do in case anyone tries to mess with them. They have a lot of confidence and are proud of their accomplishments. As for me, I am in better shape than I have ever been. I am now feeling 48 years young and look forward to obtaining my black belt at the end of this year. Sure, there has been plenty of hard work involved, but as the saying goes, no pain, no gain. I totally recommend AKKA to other families looking to have a group activity that is healthy, inexpensive (compared to other activities that I pay for) and interesting. My kids have learned a lot of great values during their training including discipline and dedication. I am sure that these characteristics will serve them well for the rest of their lives. One other great thing is that it only takes about two hours a week time investment to achieve great benefits. Overall, AKKA provides a great return for a little bit of effort and gives everyone something to look forward to during the week.
Phillip Kirslis Parent and Adult Student